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Starchy vs Non-starchy Vegetables

People are always coming to me with questions and concerns about foods that they're unsure to eat. And starch is an interesting case. There are two categories of vegetables – starchy and non-starchy , but both are important for a balanced diet, in the right proportions. Both categories add nutrients and value to a healthy diet. But what do they both mean? My clients have told me that they avoid starchy vegetables to avoid eating extra carbohydrates. But while it is necessary to always have some carbs in your diet, these starchy foods are also more filling, which prevents overeating in the long run.  Non-Starchy Vegetables Non-starchy vegetables contain a small amount of starch and therefore a lower proportion of carbohydrates and calories. You can consume a large portion of non-starchy vegetables without taking in many calories. In other words, non-starchy vegetables add volume to meals without adding calories and are very helpful in keeping weight down. Examples of

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