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Self-care tips for a healthy isolation

There’s no question that the Coronavirus has caused a major disruption in all of our lives. Our normal everyday routines have changed and most of us have had to adapt to a very different lifestyle, mostly at home. 

The situation is constantly changing around us, from week to week. So instead of spending too much energy feeling stressed or worried, it’s time to concentrate on the things that wedo have control over

We don’t have to feel totally defeated with all of these limitations. We should try to make the most out of this time and situation. It’s understandable that this is a time where comfort eating and drinking in excess can be very tempting, to soothe emotions and frustration. But failing to look after your body, and your mind, will only make things more difficult to manage. It's important to remain as healthy as possible, to maintain a strong immune system and positive mentality. You have the choice! 

Maintain a healthy diet 
Keepeating fruits and vegetables daily, as this is…

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