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The Powerful Tool for Habit Changing

  Changing habits can be very challenging. Mostly because of the methods people use to make these changes. Very strict, unrealistic dieting, or planning too many changes at once, is difficult to achieve and sustain. People don’t fail diets, diets fail people. You’re setting yourself up for failure by not working on realistic strategies to begin with. Habit formation is a gradual process , it does not require radical change.  This is where the use of commitment devices is a powerful tool for changing eating and lifestyle behaviours. Having a desire to lose weight or be healthy, or even setting goals, is simply not enough to succeed. It is about putting intentions into a specific action plan .  Commitment requires conscious thinking and planning; in other words, mindfulness. Otherwise, we work on autopilot. So, when a new behaviour is repeated, it will become an automatic habit in time. It’s about planning the journey, not racing to the destination. Mindfulness helps you to be fully pre

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