How are you staying motivated during winter?

Setting realistic goals is the only way to a successful pain-free weight loss. 

It’s even more critical to keep goals achievable during the cold winter months, in order to stay motivated. This is a common time for people to lose focus and slow down activity – so don’t punish yourself if you’re feeling a little lazy. The urge to rug up in front of the TV and comfort eat can be very strong! But this then leads to regret and frustration as the warmer weather sets in and the kilos pile on.

So, how can you stay motivated?

Keep up activity, no matter what.

  • Find a walking buddy, so you can help to motivate each other
  • Join a gym that’s close by and try different classes – this is especially great for wet weather.
  • Make the most of online classes and try something new in the comfort of your home
  • Invest in appropriate walking gear to stay warm and comfortable, and to encourage more outdoor activity.

Nourish yourself with warm and seasonal food.

  • Make healthy, chunky soups and casseroles using nourishing vegetables, lean meats or legumes. 
  • Make extra portions of food to freeze for those really busy days.
  • Buy yourself a nice range of warming and healthy teas.
  • Keep up seasonal fruit, to boost your immune system, such as citrus fruits, apples and pears.
                Bonus tip: Stew or bake apples and pears for a deliciously warm snack.

By keeping your goals, small, flexible and practical, winter doesn’t have to be a set back. 

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Vicky Mazzone


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