8 Healthy Tips For The Holidays

We might be celebrating Christmas and New Years a little different this year, but wherever you celebrate, you can always have a choice in how much you eat and drink. The holidays don't have to be about overindulging. You can still enjoy yourself with festive meals and drinks, by practicing moderation. 

1  Don’t go to a dinner or event on a completely empty stomach. If you do this to try and save calories, it will only encourage overeating once you're faced with the food.

 Try to aim for healthier food choices where possible, like always including salad or veggies with meals. 

Drink a glass of water for every glass of wine you have. Aim to limit alcohol to two standard drinks – remember alcohol increases appetite!

Keep up protein with your meals as it helps to curb appetite. Festive foods are often high in carbs and sugar, so it's easy to overindulge. 

5  Allow yourself a dessert, or share one. You don’t have to miss out completely, enjoy this special time of the year!

 Continue to eat breakfast every morning, even before a festive lunch, as it will discourage overeating or snacking later in the day. 

Carry a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated. 

Keep up your activity, even if it's just an afternoon walk. Walking is great to boost your metabolism and heart rate. 

Hot tip: Include incidental activities, like walking to the supermarket or using stairs where possible. 

Enjoy your festive celebrations and still be in control! It doesn't have to be "all or nothing" at Christmas time. It's been a long year, you deserve a happy and healthy break.

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Vicky Mazzone


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