Tips to Minimise Weight Gain over the Holidays

It’s that time of the year when things begin to get a little chaotic. It’s the season of Christmas celebrations, farewells, dinner parties, frantic shopping and some overindulging. But you don’t have to just surrender to the idea that you will most probably drink and eat too much, then feel bad about it later. 

You can still enjoy the holiday period without having to feel regretful and sluggish. It’s all about being more mindful and exercising a little bit of self-control - we can do that right? 

Remind yourself of these 4 basic tips, to help keep yourself feeling happier and healthier as you enter the new year. 
  1. Stay active wherever you can - use the stairs, walk to the supermarket, stand up more at work
  2. Keep up your water intake - always carry a bottle with you and remember to hydrate in between cocktails! 
  3. Don’t rush to functions on an empty stomach - avoid overeating at an event 
  4. Be mindful of options and food choices - you can always make healthier choices and still not miss out on the fun
If you really want to end the year right and kick off into next year feeling great, then join me for a Four Week Refresher program, before the silly season hits. The program is all about practicing mindfulness to make smarter choices so you can face the holidays and the new year feeling prepared. 

Please contact me or email me at for more information or to make an appointment. And enjoy the program for a festive $90 special!


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