A social life and a healthy lifestyle - can you have both?

Socialising and dining out is a normal part of everyday life. You shouldn’t have to put your social life on hold, or completely avoid it, just because of ‘dieting’.

How often do you hear people say “I will start my diet after Christmas” or “I’ll be healthy from next week”.. then of course some other excuse comes up, which only delays your good intentions even further.

Another mistake people often make is to starve all day or skip a meal before a big dinner or a special event involving food. All this does is lead to extreme hunger, which will cause someone to overeat at an event, attacking the bread, butter and other nibbles before the main meal.

As you can see, this mindset does not serve you. It should never be “all or nothing” when it comes to your eating habits and social life.

So how can you have a healthy social life, as well as a healthy lifestyle? Here are a few simple tips to remember before you head out:
  • Don’t go out on an empty stomach and don’t skip meals
  • Aim for healthier choices where possible
  • Order salad or vegetables as side dishes
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for options, like grilled instead of deep-fried
  • Allow for 1-2 alcoholic drinks
  • Have a bottle of water on the table
  • Share a dessert - you don’t have to miss out!
  • If you feel like you ate a little too much, don’t panic, be proactive and do some extra exercise the next day. 
So the answer is, yes. It is possible to have a social life and healthy lifestyle at the same time. Just be mindful of your choices and don’t say you’ll start after Christmas!


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