Why Is Calcium Necessary For Your Diet?

Calcium is an essential nutrient that's important at all stages of your life. It keeps your bones strong and helps to prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis, which cause bones to weaken due to insufficient calcium from food and lack of activity.

It is generally recommended that people aim for 800 - 1000 mg of calcium a day, and around 1500 mg for people over the age of 50. To give you an idea of what an average person on an average day should aim for, this could simply be 1 serve of yoghurt, 1 glass of milk and a serving of boiled dark green vegetables.

It's hard to detect signs or symptoms of bone damage, so it is essential to be conscious of including calcium in your diet every day. This might seem difficult for some people, especially for those with intolerances, restrictions or a vegan diet. Although dairy is of course a very good source of calcium, it is also important to look at alternative sources.

Some excellent non-dairy sources of calcium are:
  • Green vegetables - such as broccoli or cabbage 
  • Tofu and soya beans 
  • Nuts and seeds - particularly almonds or sesame seeds 
  • Tinned fish - such as sardines or salmon with bones
Remember that absorbing calcium is just as important as including it in your diet. One tip is to make sure you get enough Vitamin D, as it helps the body to absorb calcium. So get outside to soak up some sunlight!

If you have more questions about calcium or any thing else to do with a healthy lifestyle, feel free to come and see me for an appointment - personalised and one on one.

Vicky Mazzone 
One On One Diet Counselling


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