New year, new resolutions

It’s already halfway through January, so it’s time for everyone to check up on their New Year’s resolutions... 

At the beginning of every year we make plans to change our lives for the better, whether it’s something small or a long-term goal, with health and diet always at the top of everyone’s lists.

But only few people manage to maintain their resolutions, before falling into old habits again. This is because setting goals to change your lifestyle shouldn’t be a resolution. The key is to be realistic and make changes in your life that you can keep and maintain in your everyday lifestyle.

If you need a little help getting started in 2019, here are some simple ways to make healthy and realistic changes to your lifestyle, that you can easily maintain. There’s no need to panic and set yourself extreme goals, this will always lead to failure and disappointment. Keep it simple!

Eat breakfast, it fires up your metabolism and creates a good rhythm for the day -  helping you to avoid extra unnecessary snacks like morning tea, coffee and cake.

Include vegetables or salad with every meal – besides all the great nutrients, it keeps you satisfied for longer.

Always make a shopping list and never go shopping on an empty stomach, to avoid compulsive buying.

Drink a least 1 litre of water a day - people that don’t drink water can start to confuse hunger with thirst.

Try to exercise at least 4 times a week -  apart from maintaining a healthy weight, it keeps your heart healthy and your bones strong.

Stock up on healthy snacks. Minimize the sugary treats you keep in your kitchen – they have no nutritional value and are very addictive. Instead, replace them with fresh seasonal fruits, yoghurts and homemade smoothies.

And have a Happy New Year!

If you need some more help starting your year right, come and have a chat with me! Book in for a free first appointment.

Vicky Mazzone 
One On One Diet Counselling


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