Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Carbs

In order to function properly, the body needs adequate levels of carbohydrates. Carbs convert into glucose, which provides energy to your body. But today people still develop unhealthy “carb phobias”, as they don’t understand the important role of good carbohydrates.

The brain relies on carbohydrates to function properly and can’t gain the same effect from other types of fuels, such as fat and protein. The heart, liver and kidneys also rely on glucose as their energy source.

By cutting out carbohydrates and focusing on an increase in protein, it is possible for people to lose weight, but a big percentage of that is water loss, not fat loss. Another problem with a low carb diet is the loss of lean muscle tissue – something you definitely don't want to lose!

Any diet that cuts out carbohydrates will also be deficient in dietary fibre, which can also lead to other complications, like digestive and bowel problems. Also a high protein diet can increase cholesterol, which puts people at more risk of heart disease.

Carbohydrates have the reputation of being fattening, but this is only if you’re not eating the right types of carbs. Your ‘good carbs’ have fibre and nutrients, with very little fat. These include vegetables, fruits, grainy bread, cereals, rice and pasta. It would be unlikely to gain weight by eating these foods. As opposed to the ‘bad carbs’, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, pastries, cakes, biscuits and chocolate that are full of sugar and fat. 

So next time you feel the need avoid carbs, remember it is not a case of ‘no carbs’, but ‘smart carbs’.

Vicky Mazzone
One On One Diet Counselling


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