5 Important Things To Avoid To Achieve Weight Loss

Weight loss is often made into something more complicated than it should be. People can get desperate and take drastic measures, which always end up backfiring eventually. 

If you want to achieve long-term, realistic weight loss, here are five important things to avoid

1  Never go hungry - people assume that by skipping meals the results will be faster. When in fact, making yourself get too hungry only creates a binge mentality.

2  Don’t try to be perfect all the time - allow for a treat every now and then. This will actually stop you from having those strong sweet or salty cravings. 

3  Avoid white flour processed foods - they have no filling factor and cause you to overeat. Instead, aim for whole grains that are satisfying and wholesome. 

4  Stop snacking late at night - if you are eating correctly throughout the day, you won’t need endless snacks at night. Snacking is just an old habit that can be changed. 

5  Avoid liquid meal replacements - although the weight loss can be rapid, it is far from sustainable or safe. We are meant to eat food not drink it! 

If you have more questions about safe and long-term weight loss, get in touch now.

Vicky Mazzone
One On One Diet Counselling


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